Are there many vegans in the business world?

Yes! Numerous high-ranking management, finance, legal, marketing, IT and other office professionals now proudly endorse the vegan lifestyle. Today's corporate world features vegan CEO’s, investment bankers and sales executives. Similarly, more vegans are seen among the public sector officials and among accomplished entrepreneurs.

What is Vegan Leaders?

Vegan Leaders is a global network of vegans working in corporate management and business administration positions, especially in Fortune 500 companies. We exist to a) demonstrate that the vegan lifestyle is a choice of accomplished business leaders, b) provide a networking forum for our members, c) leverage the leadership, financial and intellectual influence of members for vegan social proof building and special initiatives. If you too are a vegan* working in a corporate sector, help us grow by joining us!

Vegan Leaders provides an unprecedented peer community to its image conscious, pragmatic, strategic and career oriented target audience. You will discover peers who share your vegan values within your profession, location and even your company. Vegan Leaders will keep you informed about vegan topics pertinent to the business world. You can take part in discussions and networking. You’ll become part of a vast pool of intellect and leadership to enable initiative never done before (marketing, strategy, big data etc.)

Who is eligible to join, and what is involved?

Vegan Leaders is a profession-specific vegan* network. We welcome any business or corporate professionals, with our main target audience being managers or above working at Fortune 500 companies. As a general rule, if you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, you should be eligible to join:

  1. Do you work in a business office function (e.g. finance, marketing, sales, research etc.)
  2. Do you have a managerial / executive title and/or responsibilities?

* In terms of how “vegan” you need to be, we are not concerned whether you are a strict vegan. Veganism should be the ambition and you should be at least approximately vegan and identify with the values.

Vegan Leaders currently uses LinkedIn as its core platform. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can simply search for the Vegan Leaders group and request to join. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, we strongly recommend that you create one (simple, free and a good tool for any professional).