There is abundant existing online content on all aspects of the vegan lifestyle (health and nutrition, recipes, store and restaurant guides, local vegan communities and events etc.) Here we compiled an overview of must-know resources most applicable to business and corporate professionals.

Happy Cow Still probably the top worldwide directory of vegan-friendly restaurants and stores (along with ratings and comments). Excellent for traveling as well as for exploring your own location. Veg Guide is another very similar resource but in our experience, the Happy Cow listings tend to be more thorough and up-to-date.

Veg Web The world’s largest online collection of vegan recipes, featuring over 15,000 recipes, along with ratings and comments. Other noteworthy vegan recipe websites are Oh She Glows (an award-winning website by Angela Liddon featuring innovative gourmet recipes), and Fat-Free Vegan (a website specializing in healthy low-fat recipes)

Choose Veg An excellent “vegan starter kit” website. Cleverly designed, easy to navigate and pragmatic, it features all the key topics from the daily meal plans to favorite vegan meat and dairy alternatives to dining tips to FAQ and many others. Another great general vegan know-how source is Vegaprocity, founded by our own Brian Maida. Vegaprocity facilitates reciprocal exchange of vegan news, information, recipes, and support.

Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) A non-profit founded by Neal Barnard, M.D. to “lead a revolution in medicine” by preventing chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer) through a healthy diet. PCRM offers a vast library of health and nutritional resources as well as classes and programs.

Nutrition Facts Founded by renowned Michael Greger, M.D., this site covers hundreds of nutrition, food safety and public health topics presented in an engaging video format. (Note: Dr. Greger is an extraordinary public speaker whose presentations on these topics are as entertaining as they are informative. Be on a lookout for Dr. Greger's speaking events in your area.)

Vegan Essentials An online vegan store offering a variety of vegan products (food, clothing, beauty and household products), from staples to specialty items. Two other popular online stores are Pangea Vegan Store and The Vegetarian Site. Browsing through the offerings is a great way to get familiar with niche products such as vegan fashion or vegan pet food.

Animal Charity Evaluators An independent organization to help guide vegan supporters to the most effective advocacy methods and most effective organizations. This is of particular relevance to vegans working in business who usually have the financial means to help drive the most strategic and highest-impact advocacy efforts.

Building the vegan know-how is a gradual process. With today’s wealth of online information you can find the answer to practically any vegan question by a simple keyword search. Through this process, you will likely discover additional websites which may become your favorites.

Lastly, the Vegan Leaders community has a vast collective knowledge on the vegan lifestyle topics (our members comprise a variety of vegan tenure). Once you join Vegan Leaders on LinkedIn, leverage the group as your resource to answer your questions or initiate discussions.