Member Statistics (Year-End 2016)

Strength in numbers! Our community has grown steadily since our October 2014 launch - surpassing 1,000 members in 2016.

In 2016, we added an average of 175 new members each quarter, up from the 135 new member quarterly average in 2015. We also crossed the 1000-member strong milestone in 2016!


Strength in geographic diversity! We continue to grow internationally.

While N. America remains our majority region, other regions are gaining representation. In 2016, memberships in all regions other than N. America & Europe have more than doubled.


Who are we? We are leaders. We are advisers. We design. We recruit. We manage. We keep the corporate wheels moving.

Majority of the members represent broad spectrum of standard corporate functions. Almost 20% hold leadership roles (director or above).


Where are we? We are in Nigeria, as are we in New Zealand. Our member locations span across most time zones!

N. America is our top geography at 54%, followed by Europe at 28% & Asia at 9%. S. America, Oceania & Africa represent under 5% each. (And, yes, we do have members in Mauritius & Malta!)


Where do we work? Across a spectrum of industries, making this a truly diverse and influential professional group.

Professional Services, Technology & Financial Services industries combined employ 40% of our members.


Are any of your colleagues involved? Possibly. 35% of the group members work for large organizations.

High membership from companies such as IBM (23 members) & Microsoft (14 members) provide an excellent opportunity to have active and influential vegan employee groups.


Encouraging statistic: People increasingly search the Internet for LinkedIn vegan groups.

The trend of Google searches for ‘Vegan LinkedIn’ continues to rise.


Where does our group go from here?

Our 2017 goals include focused growth coupled with a new, exciting and very fitting initiative.


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* Disclaimer: All preceding charts are based on internally pooled data about individuals who joined the "Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management" LinkedIn group as of the date indicated above, and the information shared by those individuals on their profile pages. As a result, the information presented may not be fully accurate or current, and is intended solely for information and illustration purposes.